Startup with experience

VIA is a startup company with more than 20 years of experience. Since 1999, we have been manufacturing high-quality metal components and luggage solutions for motorcycles under the name SW-MOTECH. We know how to make solid constructions out of aluminum and steel for two-wheelers. In our factory in the Czech Republic, welders work who perfectly master their craft.

The main factory in Germany supplies high-quality aluminum cases and milled components for two-wheelers. Here we also develop our new products, with which we have been successful for many years. Over 400 employees contribute to the company's success each year and we work with leading motorcycle brands worldwide.

Cargobike Testing

Time for something new

Now it's time for something new: Cars are jamming in the cities, parking spaces are scarce, and our ecological footprint needs to be significantly better. We want to contribute our part to this.

We put our long-standing experience from metal processing and product development into the construction of cargo bikes - because cargo bikes are part of the solution, especially for traffic in our cities.

The VIA team

This is how a startup is created from the solid German medium-sized company. We started from scratch again, just like in the garage where the first products for motorcycles were created more than 20 years ago.

The VIA team develops and plans the new cargo bike, receives support from all areas of the company, and benefits from the long-standing experience. This results in the new VIA power bike and we are proud to present the first model at Eurobike 2023.

VIA team