A solid aluminum frame with reinforced tubes is the basis of the VIA power bike. The battery disappears into the steering column and is easily accessible for charging at the same time. The lightweight ABS plastic box is ideal for use on the cargo bike. You can safely transport your children in it and the box offers enough space for your shopping or even your dog.

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There are many reasons to choose a cargo bike. It can become your new reliable companion in everyday life, whether you take your children to daycare, do your daily shopping, or are on the road as a craftsman in the city. Here are some of the good reasons for cargo bikes:

Cargo bike with vegetable crates
Because they are fast.

With a cargo bike, you reliably and quickly reach your destination.

You drive past the traffic jam and can plan your travel times better. With the cargo bike, you park directly in front of the daycare center, the supermarket, or your apartment. This saves you the annoying search for a parking space. The electric drive supports you during the ride and you arrive relaxed at your destination. When driving with the VIA power bike, you always have your children, your dog, or your load in view.

Because you save money.

Cargo bikes are financially attractive in maintenance and are promoted.

The cargo bike is significantly cheaper to buy than a car and the running costs are much lower than with a car. Many federal states, cities, and municipalities offer funding opportunities in the form of purchase premiums. You can find information on this on the website

In addition, there are many leasing partners such as JOBRAD, Business Bike,, Company Bike, via which the bike can be leased. Ask your employer if he is already working with a leasing provider. A battery charge (630 Wh) costs you about 30 cents at a kilowatt price of about 48 cents (as of March 2023). With this, you can travel up to 100 kilometers with the VIA power bike, depending on the terrain and weight and the level of support used. You can't drive any cheaper with a car.

In addition, there are costs for maintenance and spare parts of the cargo bike and a special bicycle insurance. Here too, the costs are significantly lower than with a car.

Longjohn Cargobike with load box
Cargo bike in green meadow
Because you protect the environment.

Cargo bikes need less space than cars, are quiet, and do not produce any exhaust gases.

If you replace your car with a cargo bike, this greatly improves the CO2 balance. You drive emission-free and almost noiselessly. This makes life better for all people, especially in the city.

Because you move.

Daily exercise is good for your body.

Regular exercise in the fresh air reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. You save yourself the gym and move regularly. The right clothing protects you from rain and wind.

Freight bike with rider on cycle path in the countryside