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For safe child transportation, we offer you a solidly padded bench seat with three-point harnesses and easy-to-use Fidlock fasteners. We have developed a large rain cover to keep the children dry. It protects against rain and wind and offers sufficient visibility through the large windows.

Our waterproof box cover protects your shopping in the box from the rain and a bike garage protects the entire bike from the weather when parked for longer periods. A box cover made of solid ABS plastic will be available from summer 2024.

We have the right accessories for the VIA 1.


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VIASoft Top
VIABike garage
VIASeat bench

Child seat - For two children

Special features
Space for 2 children
3-point seat belt with magnetic Fidlock buckle
Padded headrest, seat and backrest surface
Technical data
Material Padded wooden top with synthetic leather cover
Dimensions Seat 59,0 x 22,0 cm
Dimensions Backrest 59,0 x 45,0 cm
Individually adjustable on the airline rail
Access aid for children

The child seat is ideal for carrying 1-2 children on a cargo bike. You can adjust the seat on the airline rail to suit your needs. In addition to the children, there is also room for shopping or luggage in the box.
The child seat is shaped so that children can sit comfortably and ergonomically, even when wearing cycle helmets. The 3-point seat belt with Fidlock fastener with magnetic guide aid provides additional safety during the ride.
The seat is made of a screen printing plate covered with spacer fabric for comfort.


Rain cover - protection from rain and wind

Special features
Protects the children on the seat from the weather
Access possible through side window
Can be removed and fitted quickly and without tools after initial installation
Technical data
Material 600D Polyester with PU coating, Clear PVC
Dimensions 135,0 x 74,0 x 81,0 cm
Viewing window to the sides, top and front
Side viewing window secured with Velcro fastener
Roll-up sunshade for upper viewing window

The rain cover is easy to attach and the children have plenty of space underneath. This means that the little ones are perfectly protected from the weather. The rain cover has integrated windows at the sides, front and top. The side windows can be used to get in and out and can be opened and closed in no time at all using Velcro fasteners. The upper viewing window has a roll-up sunshade that can be opened or closed quickly if required. After initial assembly, the rain cover can be fitted quickly and without tools.