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We have compiled the most common tire sizes and you will find out which tire is used on which type of bike. For cargo bikes, of course, it's a different story again. On the Longjohn we use two different tire sizes, a small 20 inch tire on the front wheel and a large 27.5 inch tire on the rear wheel.

Here you can find the information about the different tire sizes:

26 inch
A classic that is slowly dying out. But don't worry, some mountain bike enthusiasts still swear by 26 inch tires and wheels! Their agility makes them ideal for technical trails. Also as a youth bike 26 inch enjoys growing popularity - the perfect youth size!


Tires for different bikes

27.5 inch
The oldest mountain bike measurement has gained popularity! While the MTB scene often opts for 29 inches, trekking bikes have discovered the advantages of 27.5 inches. Small rim diameter, but big benefits: Choose a higher-build tire that effectively has a 28-inch wheel circumference. This way you'll benefit from acceleration and top speed without sacrificing comfort - less air pressure makes it possible!

28 inch
Until recently, the undisputed standard for trekking, urban and road bikes. The outstanding rollover properties and smoothness have made 28 inch tires an all-round talent! Whether you prefer hard puncture protection or lightweight road tires, there's a huge variety of options in 28 inches.

29 inch
The new standard for mountain bikes! With impressive rollover characteristics and high top speed, they have taken the pro scene by storm. If you crave fast and adventurous trails, 29 inch tires are the perfect choice!

No matter what tire size you choose, remember to customize it to your personal needs and preferences. Now you are well informed to make the right choice!


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