Kommunen Lastenrad

Local authorities visit the company

In October, representatives from four different municipalities in the Rauschenberg area visited us.

Mayors Olaf Hausmann (Kirchhain) and Frank Gleim (Gemünden/Wohra) are still looking for opportunities for sustainable mobility in their communities. The town of Neustadt already has several e-bikes in use for tree maintenance in the various districts and is interested in the possible uses of cargo bikes.

Jörg Stremme and a colleague from Sparkasse Marburg-Biedenkopf were also on site to get an idea of the bike. The Sparkasse has already ordered a bike that will support the maintenance staff in their work from the beginning of 2024.



Bürgermeister Hessen Lastenrad

Testrides for the visitors

After a short presentation about the new VIA 1 and the history of its development, we went out to the parking lot for a test ride. For most of the participants, it was their first ride on a cargo bike. As always, they only needed a short briefing and then the mayors whizzed across the parking lot with a grin on their faces.

In November, we hosted four mayors from the surrounding municipalities: Carsten Laukel from Lahntal, Holger Siemon from Münchhausen, André Schlipp from Amöneburg and Kai-Uwe Spanka from Wetter (Hesse).



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