We have developed, tested, further developed, welded, calculated, and screwed. Now it's ready - our first cargo bike made in Rauschenberg.

We built it for all people who are looking for a suitable alternative to the car for daily use in city traffic. The VIA 1 is a good choice: You park in front of the door, drive past the traffic jam, and protect the environment.

Cargo bike
Cargobike Tradefair

Visit us on the trade fair

We start selling the VIA1 in March. You can find us at bike fairs in Germany in March and April. There you can test ride the VIA1 and ask us all your questions about the bike and accessories. We look forward to seeing you at the following trade fairs:

Düsseldorf - Cyclingworld 15.-17. March

Berlin - VeloBerlin 13.-14. April

München - E-Bike Days 26. - 28. April

Model overview

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The VIA 1 is your Kraftrad: A reliable cargo bike with a powerful motor. Actually, the term Kraftrad is used for a motorcycle and the makers of VIA know this world well. They have been producing accessories for motorcycles for more than twenty years.

Now it's time for a new Kraftrad - a quiet, environmentally friendly, practical, and powerful two-wheeler for your everyday life.

VIA Cargobike
Assembly of aluminium frame cargo bike in workshop


How does that work - a startup with 20 years of know-how? For over twenty years, we have been manufacturing high-quality metal components and luggage solutions for motorcycles. We know how to make solid constructions out of aluminum and steel for two-wheelers.


The VIA Story

Cargobike presentation

Visit from the local authorities

Cargobike Factory

Visit in the factory in Czech Republic

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